Non-degree Visiting PhD Graduate Students

Applicants who wish to receive advanced training in computer science but have no intention of pursuing a Cornell Ph.D. degree may apply for admission to the graduate program as non-degree students for a maximum of two semesters. Ph.D. students at other institutions who wish to visit the Cornell graduate program in computer science for an extended time (more than a few weeks) must apply for admission as non-degree students.

A non-degree student works under the supervision of a faculty advisor. A non-degree application will only be considered if the applicant has found a prospective advisor who is a member of the graduate field of computer science at Cornell and is willing to direct the intended work.

Non-degree applicants must follow the application guidelines for regular Ph.D. applicants with the following differences:

  • There is no deadline for non-degree applications.
  • Non-degree applicants who are Ph.D. students at other institutions need not submit recommendation letters or GRE scores.

The non-degree application can be found here. You must contact Becky Stewart for a non-degree Graduate School code required by the system to complete your application.

Financial Support

The Graduate School requires proof of health insurance and sufficient financial resources for living expenses before enrolling any non-degree applicant. The amounts required will be prorated for the length of the student's stay. Non-degree students must also pay tuition fees and other costs. However, each year CIS offers a limited number of full or partial tuition fellowships for non-degree students. Upon the recommendation of the student's advisor, and subject to availability, the director of graduate studies will apply for such a waiver on behalf of the student.

Graduate School

You can find more information on the Non-Degree Admission Process on the Graduate School's website here.