This section explains the procedures that current Cornell students should follow to obtain CS transfer credit approval for courses taken at other accredited schools. For information about transferring to Cornell please visit University Admissions.

To apply for Computer Science Transfer Credit

1. Completely fill out appropriate sections of the Transfer Credit Form supplied by your college.

2. Print and complete the online form "Background Information for Students Requesting Computer Science Approval for Transfer Credit from Other Institutions". (Please note that students planning to major or minor in CS must take qualifying courses at Cornell, as post-matriculation transfer credit is not accepted beyond credit for CS 11xx.)

3. Obtain a complete course description including syllabus (with list/schedule of topics covered in the course) from the school from where you would like to take (or have taken) the course you want to transfer.

4. Email completed forms and course information (as specified in step 2) to, with subject: Transfer Credit Approval Request (LName, FName). [example: Transfer Credit Approval Request (Cornell, Ezra) ]

5. Your request will be reviewed, and you will receive a notification by email.

6. Pick up your reviewed forms from the Undergraduate Office. If your request has been approved you must bring your completed paperwork to either:

  • Arts, KG17 Klarman Hall, or 
  • Engineering, 180 Rhodes Hall

Note: In order for transfer credit to appear on your Cornell transcript, you must 1) submit your approved transfer credit application to your college registrar's office, and 2) have a transcript from the other institution sent to your college registrar's office.