Since the early 1990's, the Cornell CS department has developed one of the leading AI groups in the world, as can be seen by our record of awards, press mentions, and other recognition. Yet, our relatively small size makes for a collaborative and cooperative environment within which a broad set of research groups flourish. 

Some research groups

Terminology notes: a "CS field member" is a Cornell faculty member who can serve as the official PhD advisor (in Cornell lingo, "Special Committee chair") of Cornell CS PhD students.

AI, ethics, and policy

Combinatorial search, connections to operations research and statistical physics

Computational sustainability


Center for Data Science for Enterprise and Society

This new Center aims to unify programs and curricula in data science with an initial emphasis on questions grounded in data that are generated by human activity, including computational social science (e.g., sociology and government), the economics/computer science interface, the aspects of digital agriculture in the production and management of agriculture, digital platforms supporting urban infrastructure (e.g., the sharing economy), and as a theme that is cross-cutting in many of these areas, the corresponding issues of privacy, security, and fairness; more generally, the Center will enhance other programmatic areas associated with data science in an entrepreneurial and opportunistic fashion.

DirectorDavid Shmoys
Executive Committee: David Matteson, David Mimno, Francesca Molinari 

Game and decision theory, connections to economics

Knowledge representation and reasoning

Machine learning

Natural language processing, computational linguistics and information retrieval