All CS majors are expected to maintain an academic plan and to discuss it with their advisor at least once a semester. Completed courses with grades and the current schedule should be indicated in the tables below. Schedules for future semesters should point to the fulfillment of all the degree requirements in time for the planned graduation date. It is acceptable to indicate future courses by their role (e.g., distribution, CS project, etc.) instead of by their actual catalog number.

The academic plan should be coherent and reflect career objectives. When you formulate your academic plan, the issue of depth versus breadth is of paramount importance. College requirements are designed to ensure breadth of education in the liberal arts tradition and the CS Core requirements are designed to ensure breadth of education within Computer Science. The depth issue is addressed through your choice of electives. Take serious sequences of courses whenever possible.

Unfortunate scheduling conflicts tend to arise if you do not map out a timely plan for taking your electives. We strongly recommend that you decide upon a minor before the start of your junior year.