Data Privacy in Practice at LinkedIn

Abstract: Data is an important asset for every kind of business. With organizations of all type across the world collecting and processing an ever-increasing range of data, governing bodies have realized the need for privacy and are creating regulations around aspects of data including collection, storage, processing and sharing. In this talk I will discuss the meaning of privacy, algorithmic methods that help protect privacy and how at LinkedIn we focus on developing products invoking privacy by design.

Bio: Souvik Ghosh is a Director of Engineering at LinkedIn and leads the AI applied research team, a team of scientists and engineers who develop core AI models and algorithms that power applications across LinkedIn like the feed, notifications, ads, jobs, and learning. Souvik works on topics in applied Machine Learning, Data Science and Statistics including large-scale recommender systems, Optimization, NLP, privacy, forecasting, and their applications. Souvik completed his PhD in applied probability at Cornell University and prior to joining LinkedIn, he held the roles of Scientist at Yahoo! Research and Assistant Professor of Statistics at Columbia University.